Diamante ricco di storia e di vecchia generazione : la sua prima comparsa è stata fatta nel 1717. Pesa 140,50 ct. ed è considerato uno dei diamanti più belli del mondo. E’ conservato a Parigi.

A wonderful stone of Indian origin, this was origially known as the Pitt Diamond after Thomas Pitt who aquired it after 1701 under circumstances that remain murky to this day. He claimed to pay $ 20,000 for it and it cost  5000 and took 2 years to cut. The cleavage and dust from this process was valued at between  $7000 and$ 8000. It finally came to France in 1717 where it was sold for $ 135,000, in installments. It was renamed the Regent at this point.

After being stolen in 1792 (see above) along with the Hope and the Sancy (see below) it was recovered a year later and became The National Diamond of France and was pawned and became part of many complex financial deals during this turbulent period. When Napoleon Bonapart came to power it was mounted in the hilt of his sword and after his downfall in 1814, the stone travelled around quite a lot but by 1824 was back in France and worn at the coronation of Charles X. The stone is now on display at the Louvre, fortunate indeed not to have been sold with many other stones in France in 1887 and having survived the Second World War hidden behind a stone in a chateaux at Chambord.